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What does a makeup artist wear to work?

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Dear LMM,

I’m nosey and wondered what you wear when you are doing makeup on photoshoots and fashion shows.

Kindest, Cassandra.

Dear Cassandra,

You’re not nosey – simply curious, I’d say. I work as a freelancer, so because I am my own brand I basically wear whatever I want. From my experience in the industry at least, there’s no standard dress code.

A call sheet (the document supplied by your agency prior to a shoot, which contains all the details about the job you have been booked for) very rarely mentions clothing, but there are exceptions. On occasion for instance, it might say “dress warm” if the shoot is going to be outside on location. Once on a trip to Barbados, I remember we were instructed not to wear army camouflage clothing, and another time when we shot a campaign at a working men’s club in central London, the guys in the creative team were told they had to wear long trousers. At fashion shows when you are working for a brand, you might be given a team T-shirt. At the ones I’ve done for MAC, for example, I was supplied with a MAC Pro tee and it was requested that I wear it along with their signature shade (black). Beyond this, it’s really over to you. (more…)