How to Apply Mascara

May 19th, 2009

There are a multitude of mascaras on the market today, promising an array of lash-enhancing qualities. Whether you seek extreme length, maximum volume, intense curl, or a combination of these things, there is a smorgasbord of choice. Most mascaras are available in a variety of shades too, and many companies also offer waterproof versions.

As important as the mascara formulation itself, is the wand that it is applied with. Recent advances in technology have given rise to innovative wand designs, with features such as in-built battery-powered vibration, curved brushes, and perfectly slanted and spaced bristles. The latest generation mascaras boast 360° lash-by-lash coverage, and promise to provide users with the ultimate application experience.

For hygiene reasons, mascara is one of the most difficult products to trial properly before purchase. Disposable mascara wands often accompany testers, but if they are not an exact replica of the original brush, many of the benefits of the complete package may go unnoticed.

Curling eyelashes


1) To enhance the lashes, curl them with eyelash curlers before applying mascara. Gently position the curlers at the base of your lashes (taking care not to pinch your eyelid) and hold them firmly for 5–10 seconds.

2) Make sure you wipe the brush free of any clumps or loose bristles before you start.

3) Place your finger under the middle of your eyebrow and gently pull the skin upwards to hold the eyelid taut.

4) Holding the mascara wand horizontal, begin by coating the underside of the upper lashes. Start at the center of the eye and work outwards, leaving the inner corner until last (when the least amount of product remains on the brush). Drag the brush through the lashes using a slight zig-zag motion, coating each lash from the base to the tip. Wait for the first coat to dry and then apply another if you wish.

5) Also apply a coat to the upper side of the top lashes. This not only makes the lashes appear thicker, but also removes any fall-out from your eyeshadow application.

6) Comb through your lashes with a metal-toothed eyelash comb to remove any clumps and separate the lashes.

7) If desired, apply a light layer of mascara to the bottom lashes by sweeping the wand across them.

Applying mascara

Makeup artist tips!

· For extra-long lashes, ensure you drench them in mascara from the root to the tip. Many people naturally have blonde tips on their lashes, and failure to coat them in mascara means missing out on added length. For a super-elongated effect, apply the first coat (as outlined above), then hold the wand vertically to apply the second. Pull the brush upwards through the lashes, in a series of strokes, for a stretched and sculpted appearance.

· To add intensity to the eye, work a kohl pencil into the base of the lashes prior to mascara application.

· Never pump the wand in and out of the tube to retrieve more product; this dries mascara out. Instead, wiggle the wand back and forth inside the tube.

· Most people can wear black mascara. For those with fair complexions and light-colored eyelashes, brown, plum, violet or navy can look more natural.

· Dare to be different! Mascaras are available in a rainbow of shades, including emerald, turquoise, yellow and pink. To give your look a funky edge, saturate your lashes in black mascara first, and then wave a bright-colored mascara over the tips. Wow!

· Does your mascara smudge, flake or run? Try Double Fix Mascara by Clarins and bid panda eyes farewell!

Diorshow Blackout Mascara

Eeeny, meeny, miney mo, my favorite mascara is Diorshow!

I love Dior’s Diorshow range of mascaras which were developed to deliver catwalk-style lashes without having to hire a professional makeup artist. Diorshow Black Out is the queen of all mascaras. The brush is enormous and terrifies many at first glance, but it is easy to use if you are brave enough to give it a try. The formulation is very thick and heavily pigmented, which results in luxuriously fat, jet black lashes. If you prefer a more natural look, one stroke of Diorshow Iconic and your lashes will be cloaked in black (brown or navy) silk. Its smooth composition makes the lashes glossy and sleek, and leaves them with a lingering curve.

Prefer false lashes? Watch the Wink and Flutter video tutorial.

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  1. Jazz says:

    Thanks for the tips! :-*
    My favorite mascara is M.A.C’s Haute & Naughty Lash mascara! :) The Haute wand is so perfect, adding definition, keeping the curl! I always have to be so careful because I get the spider lash effect super easy. It sucks. >:o

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