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Get glowing!

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

My top tips for glowing skin:

Decleor Aromessence Neroli

1). For soft and glowing skin, I recommend Decléor’s Aromessence Néroli. It’s a 100% natural blend of essential oils and is suitable for all skin types. I love the way it leaves my skin feeling plump, nourished and awake, and the fresh forest fragrance reminds me of a spring morning in the countryside.

How to use it:
Simply warm up 2 drops of this gorgeous serum in your hands and apply it to your face and neck each morning before you apply your regular moisturizer.

Givenchy Le Prisme Face Powder

2). Givenchy Le Prisme Visage Mat Soft Compact Face Powder in 84 Beige Mouselline is a permanent resident in my handbag. This silky-textured powder quad is perfect for touching-up on the run. The classy compact contains four shades of powder which can be mixed and matched to give the face a radiant glow, and comes complete with a mirror and brush. Generally, the quality of the brushes makeup companies supply with their products is questionable, but this one won’t disappoint. It does a good job for its size and, when not in use, it can be stowed away in a special compartment beneath the powder. Perfection! (more…)

Plucking Eyebrows!

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Win victory in Battle of the Brows!

Girls, it’s time to declare war against unsightly and overgrown eyebrows.

Before you embark on the fight, polish up your secret weapon (also known as a pair of tweezers) and arm yourself with the ultimate battle plan, Pluck It!. For a sneak peek at what’s involved, view the photo file below:

Before plucking eyebrows Plucking eyebrows After plucking eyebrows
Before. During. After.

Plucking eyebrows

This free two-page, step-by-step strategy will show you how to pluck your eyebrows properly, and also reveals what’s hot (and what’s not) in the wonderful world of brow beauty. For a copy of Pluck It! and exclusive access to the accompanying video tutorial, subscribe to Little Miss Makeup Club.

Whatever the weather, get a summer glow on!

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Perfect blush

For sexy sun-kissed cheeks, combine two colors:

1). Take some bronzing powder on a large, fluffy brush, and using short up-and-down strokes, blend it over the cheekbone. For perfect color placement, start near the hairline and follow the cheekbone down toward the apple.

2). Next, take a pink, peach or nude-beige powder blush on a small, round blush brush, and using circular motions, apply it to the apple of the cheek (the plump part which protrudes when you smile).

Hot tip! To avoid applying too much bronzer or blush, tap any excess powder off the brush before you begin. If you go wrong and your cheeks look too strong, knock down the color by blending some loose powder over the top. (more…)

Want luminous lids?

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Creme EyeshadowDior Eye Show

Choose a cream-textured eyeshadow with a fleck of shimmer. For a sheer veil of color, blend it over your eyelid with your fingertip. The warmth in the pad of your finger will melt it seamlessly onto the skin. To create drama, build intensity by pressing the shadow on with a dense-bristled eyeshadow brush.

Cool trick! Want a wet-look? Prime your eyelid with a satin-finish concealer first. Alternatively, for a flatter effect, begin by preparing the lid with a layer of loose, matte powder. (more…)

Are you tired of your foundation wearing off part way through the day?

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

If you want staying power, then matte is where it’s at!

Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation

Preparation is a key factor if you want your makeup to last. Start by cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin, and then apply a primer and long-wearing (matte or semi-matte) foundation.

Hot tip! To minimize break-through shine, dust a mattifying powder over your foundation, paying particular attention to the T-zone. To avoid the cakey look, apply it with a very soft, large powder brush.

Cool trick! When your face feels hot … blot! Powder-coated blotting papers are a handbag must-have. They are lightweight and portable, which makes them the ultimate touch-up tool for girls on the go! (more…)